A poem that outlines our commitment in raising awareness of recycling and reuse in science.

Ten little test tubes were given a shine, 
one rolled away and then there were Nine.

Nine little test tubes left out to shake, 
one flew away and then there were Eight.

Eight little test tubes filled up with leaven, 
one didn’t rise and then there were Seven.

Seven little test tubes growing blastocysts,
one got lost during screening and then there were Six.

Six little test tubes were taken outside, 
one dove to the floor and then there were Five.

Five little test tubes chilled to the core, 
one formed a crack and then there were Four.

Four little test tubes gone to Chemistry, 
one felt the extremes and then there were Three.   

Three little test tubes placed in a queue, 
one was mislabelled and then there were Two.

Two little test tubes paired up to run, 
one couldn’t keep up and then there was One. 

One little test tube left all alone, 
he recycled himself and then there were None*. 

*He later reunited with his glassware friends. 

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