New Website Design Update

We overhauled the Pressure Ink 2019 design and have chosen our new visual language to present our content. With also a better Policy page implemented, you can use our original artwork for your own media creations, as long as the original author is credited.

This list below summaries all new updates to Pressure Ink.


1.1. New picture focused template, with slideshow showcase of featured blogs.

1.2. Better implementation of the “Today” section on the homepage, which will from now on include “On this day” events, quotes, mini stories, etc.

1.3. Latest posts can now be previewed at the bottom of the homepage, with better visuals (i.e. featured images), dates and contributing author.

1.4. Page footer is clearer, less cluttered and includes Twitter feed for better public engagement.

1.5. All Pages and Posts now have a featured image.

1.6. Better search tool at the top right of the homepage and every other page.

1.7. Tags are not longer displayed as a word cloud and simplified to fit with the new theme.

1.8. We have changed the colour template to reflect our more subtle and professional language.

1.9. Contact form has now better fonts.


2.1. The news section solely to include news from Pressure Ink, new developments or changes to our Policies.

2.2. All articles can be easily viewed in “Ink”, the link which is at the bottom of every page.

2.3. “Our Policy” page now includes items such as how we protect intellectual property and how other creators can use our website content.

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