Title: Life De(fined): Living in the Shadow of a Silent Killer
Publication Type: Memoir
Topic: Chronic Kidney Disease

Life De(fined): Living in the Shadow of a Silent Killer

Chronic Kidney Disease is often referred to as a silent killer because it develops over time and can go undetected. We often associate renal damage with getting older, but kidney disease can affect anyone at any point in their lives. Life Defined is an insight into life in the shadow of a chronic illness from the perspective of a 28-year-old kidney failure patient, who has struggled to understand the origin of his condition and find avenues of support. His story captures how emotions played a role in his approach to reaching acceptance and dedicates an entire section to discuss what it means for patients to trust medical professionals. Life Defined is meant to open the conversation about kidney disease and for patients and their loved ones to define what it means to them and how it affects their lives.

Foreword written by Dr Dan Jones from the University of Reading. Dr Jones kindly peer-reviewed the book, something that I thought was essential to ensure that my message was clear.

Cover Art designed and illustrated by Ricky A. Murphy.

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Format: Kindle E-Book and Paperback.

About the Author

Emmanuel believes that the Universe is made up of seemingly random events that shape everyday life and collectively, of all these events are as unique as our own lives.

Emmanuel spent most of his childhood and early adulthood moving between countries. After leaving Guatemala at 7 years old, he’s lived in Illinois, USA, Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2010 he moved to London, UK to undertake a degree in Genetics from Queen Mary, University of London, where he grew closer to plant science. In 2013 he undertook a PhD degree at The University of Sheffield, which he completed in 2018.

Emmanuel enjoys telling stories and has been writing creatively since he was in primary school. He prefers to write science-themed fictional stories as reflections of real-life events, though occasionally he is known to write personal memoirs. Emmanuel is the type of person that seeks understanding and is willing to go beyond his own comfort zone to teach others.


September 22, 2020
There is an Easter Egg hidden in the paperback copy of the book, which I invite my readers to solve. I will be releasing new activities to keep engaging with readers of my book. For any questions, comments or suggestions, you can reach me at: pressureinkstudio@gmail.com.

August 20, 2020
This story was featured on Kidney Research UK – Kidney Voices for Research

Resources for Kidney Patients

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