I Said No To Drugs


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‘I Said No To Drugs’ is a story about my experiences through my teenage years and breaking down the elements that contributed to my habits, desires, and vices. I take a philosophical approach to understanding how we make decisions and what drives our learning and development through early stages of adulthood. I dig deeper into my motivations for saying ‘no’ to drugs, as well as question the moral implications of my choices throughout life and address how my environment helped to break, re-make and re-shape the lessons I learnt from early childhood.

So why is this chapter only available through kindle?

The purpose of this chapter is ask three questions. 1) who are left in my life as influencing factors, 2) who follows into the stories that I tell and will invest in exploring the moral implications to decision making and 3) who are the people who are still vulnerable to the influence of drugs? In attempt to answer these questions, I realised that it was important to make the last copy of the book accessible to others beyond this site. Publishing it on Kindle also improves the reading experience, not only of this single chapter, but of the entire memoir. It is there to give you as a reader more options to lead your own train of thought and for these ideas to be easily transmitted across several people.

The edition on Kindle is very different to the one that was published open access. That is because the open access copy is a place to dump ideas and help to showcase the work that is being done, while sharing with the audience that may one day read it. I also believe that a draft copy does not need a price, so it is there for the general reader to enjoy. The final chapter however is important because I discuss the moral implications to my decisions, rather than judgement of what happened during my teenage years. And the reason why it is less accessible than being open access, is because I don’t want it to be easily accessible. It should discovered and read by personal interest, rather than simply because it is online.

However, I am not one to seek profit from my writing, as much as I need to put a price for the digital goods. This is to cover hosting on the Amazon marketplace, such as a ‘delivery’ price (yes, even for digital copies), as well as a commission that Amazon takes for selling each copy. There are other factors such as the cost of ISBNs and the time it takes to typeset the document, edit it, format it and illustrate the cover art. And yes, everything is done in-house by myself. I have put over 12 years of investment into the writing and re-writing of this book, and if I were to show to you its first draft, which was still in use earlier this year, then you would be surprised at the evolution of the writing and storytelling format.

I realised that when I first wrote this book, I was being largely objective in my writing and trying to teach to others why to say ‘no’ to drugs. Originally I planned to have references and external links to other resources, much like I did for Life De(fined): Living in the Shadow of a Silent Killer, but I was only 20 at the time. I had yet not even matured myself to be able to self-explore my emotions. In fact, the entire memoir was written from my perspective now, though considering what my views were like throughout my teenager years (16- to 18-years old) and then later through adulthood (19- to 23-years old).

Therefore, if you were one of the original readers of this book draft, then I am offering to you a free copy of the e-book. If you are interested, please email me at inkstudio@seanasol.org.

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