Movie Remakes

Have you guys heard of new movie remakes?  They seem to be hiring academics to make movies a bit more educational.  Here’s just a few that struck me:

1.  The Terminator Sequence
2.  The Extracellular Matrix
3.  Twin Of Eyeless Story 3
4.  The Lysine Ring
5.  Lost In Transcription
6.  Propellant Friction
7.  She Wore A Yellow Ribbonworm
8.  The Anticodon
9.  The Glucose Oxyhydrase Father
10.  Lord Of The Phenyl Rings
11.  Back To The Fusion
12.  Acceleration
13.  V For Velocity
14.  13 Genes
15.  Injection
16.  Lethal Injection
17.   Raging Bulbus
18.  Operation Codon
19.  Atom Of The Opera
20.  Strain Man
21.  American Pi 3.1415…
22.  Malcolm XY
23.  Dude Where’s My Car12 Protein?
24.  Petri Baby
25.  Petri Woman
26.  American History XXY
27.  Indiana Bonds The Last Crude Sample
28.  The Overhang Sequence 
29.  Harold and Kumar Go To The White Blood Cells
30.  Mole Rat
31.  Knocked Out
32.  The Transposable Element  
33. The N-Terminal
34.  The Flask
35.  The Transporter Protein
36.  Warm Antibodies
37.  Phantom Of The Operon
38.  The Last Strand

Original published on Wednesday, 23 October 2013. Rehosted to Pressure Ink.

A Note For The Future

Yesterday I was on MARCH 6th 2050 and traveled back in time just to write this note to you.

Hey ok, you, I’m talking to you.   Alright now, dont question me why I didn’t come see you face to face, because you know the whole collapse of the universe thing is still a possibility, or maybe Putin will destroy the whole universe at some point, who knows you know, well I know.  Don’t worry about that.   Dammit I should also tell you to change your dumb side-notes and side tracking, because you know this conversation has turned out pointless.